Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA History

Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA was incorporated in the State of Minnesota in 1986 and is a nationally recognized organization. MWF is a non-partisan non-profit 501.c (3) organization. MWF was created to promote public awareness of the Prisoner-Of-War/Missing-In-Action issues and to work to promote the fullest possible accounting of all POW/MIAs.

Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA is dedicated to help resolve the fate of approximately 90,000 missing servicemen from World War II, the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf Wars. Many were known to be alive and in enemy hands when war ended.

The organization was formed by veterans and concerned citizens to continue the work to account for missing servicemen. Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA was created in 1986, at a time when a vast majority of MIA family members in Minnesota were angry, frustrated and realized their numbers were simply too small to create change. Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA was formed in 1986 to help give family members a needed boost in their morale and to become a leading organization on the POW/MIA issue. Today Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA has members in many states and is actively pursuing information about the missing from the Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War, and Gulf War.

Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA has provided knowledgeable guests for local cable TV networks, produced programming on the issue, sponsored annual ceremonies, and produces a monthly newsletter to inform the public. In 1987 MWF, working with the VFW and American Legion presented a large 18 foot by 28 foot double sided POW/MIA flag to the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome and the Metropolitan Sports Stadium Commission. Every summer from 1987-1993 our organization worked with the Minnesota Twin’s baseball tem to sponsor POW/MIA Awareness Day at the Metrodome. The POW/MIA flags at the State Capitol in St. Paul are donated and regularly replaced by Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA.

Our organization won access for the public to Vietnam War era documents in our successful Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in federal court against the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, and the Defense Intelligence Agency. We have been credited by the major media for asking questions that led to the ongoing investigation in the US Senate intelligence committee regarding the fate of missing Gulf War pilot Michael Scott Speicher.

Our Board of Directors at Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA consists of family members of those still unaccounted for from the Vietnam War, veterans, and concerned citizens.

Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA Inc.
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Phone: (651) 653-3360