Our mission: Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA (MWF) is a non-partisan non-profit 501.c (3) organization. MWF was created to promote public awareness of the Prisoner-Of-War/Missing-In-Action issues and to work to promote the fullest possible accounting of all POW/MIAs.

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The Korean War-Cold War Families of the Missing http://www.koreacoldwar.org/ Freedom Flight, Inc. www.freedomflight.org Pete Matthes Left in Vietnam www.gx2527leftinvietnam.com
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Vietnamese Admissions of Capture of Missing Americans Concealed by U.S. officials

In 2006 a number of Vietnam War POW/MIA families found out that Vietnam had admitted capturing their missing loved ones. The families did not find out this information from the US government, but because of research performed by the National Alliance of POW/MIA Families. It turns out that Vietnam had made these admissions privately to the U.S. at least as far back as 1992.
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NSA Won't Turn Over POW/MIA Records TO POW/MIA Next-of-kin

Although the 1989 Intelligence Authorization Act requires the head of the National Security Agency (NSA) and other named agencies to provide live sighting records to Vietnam War POW/MIA next-of-kin, the head of NSA has declined to so.
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Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA FOIA Lawsuit Successful

Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA obtained important records as a result of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed against NSA, CIA, and DIA. Some of the NSA records turned over to Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA, per order of the federal court, were enemy intercepts detailing the capture of missing Americans. A number of families that contacted our organization told us that the U.S. government had never provided the records to them.
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Vietnam War Imagery Continues to Gather Dust

The 1991-1992 Senate Select Committee unanimously recommended that an imagery task force be created to review archived Vietnam War imagery for signs of live POWs. The Defense Department has steadfastly refused to implement that recommendation, despite the fact that symbols discovered by the committee matched names and distress symbols given to missing American pilots. The government claims that vegetation and shadows created the GX2527 and SEREX found in 1992 satellite imagery of Dong Vai prison in northern Vietnam. "GX' and "2527" are the the Escape and Evader symbols AND the four digit authenticator code assigned to missing American Peter Matthes, shot down over Laos in 1969. SEREX is the last name of missing American Henry Serex, shot down in 1972." Colonel Larry Burroughs, former head of the CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center, went on national television and stated he was 100% certain the symbol GX2527 in June 1992 imagery was man-made and no more than one year old. Burroughs was dying of cancer at the time.
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